Feed them like family, because they are 🐾

Hello friends! Do you want to feed your dog real food and watch their health transform indefinitely? Feeding Go Raw will achieve both, and provide the very best species appropriate nutrition.

We're a family-owned and operated business in Huffman, Texas devoted to making the healthiest raw since 2018. Go Raw Pet Food is made in small batches using whole food ingredients, and is efficiently delivered to your front door.

Feed our complete and balanced raw formulas for as little $3 a day for a 15lb dog or $6 a day for a 40lb dog. ​

Real food from our family to yours

We believe your pups should eat real food everyday, because they deserve our very best.

We believe feeding raw will change your pup's life for the better.

We believe in using fresh USDA inspected proteins and produce, scientifically formulated and lab tested.

We believe feeding raw should be simple. Order with ease, receive promptly, thaw and serve.

Happy mealtimes ya'll - everyday!

How much raw do I feed?

See the Feeding Calculator for daily portion of raw according to your dog's weight, age, and activity level. Want to feed 1/2 raw and 1/2 kibble? Also excellent! Trust nature and see the remarkable health benefits for yourself. Your dog will thank you :)

Our testimonials

At Go Raw Pet Food, we believe in the power of real experiences. Sharing your genuine, heartfelt stories make our day! Your experiences edify our commitment to the research of whole food raw feeding and preventative medicine.

Hear firsthand Hannah's story about how Go Raw has completely changed Maggie's life, and cleared up her skin allergies.