Why Us?

When we were unable to find a quality dog food, we took matters into our own hands. In 2018, we dove into canine nutrition to develop top-notch raw food for our own ridgebacks from our kitchen. Sharing with family and neighbors, our little pet food business flourished in 2020.

We had discovered something truly unique. Real ingredients fed raw with balance yield remarkable health benefits.

Along the way we've set ourselves apart as a different raw dog food company. 

For starters, we make Go Raw from our home with our family and neighbors.  Our raw pet food is made fresh the hard way, with our hands. Breaking down proteins in-house and measuring all ingredients for our small 30lb batches.  We use 2-3 protein formulas intentionally to fill the nutrient gaps without the need of excess supplementation. Single protein formulas require double or triple the amount of supplementation to achieve the balanced standard. Typically lacking nutrients such as zinc, copper, magnesium, manganese, iron, iodine, and selenium are fulfilled by pairing light and dark proteins, adding some superfood supplements and fish oil. 

We are the only raw company we know of who uses grass fed beef green tripe within their raw formulas. This unique protein can only be found through a specific butcher who is licensed to sell rinsed green tripe. Bleached tripe, sold everywhere, has no nutritional benefit because all of the live enzymes and probiotics have been killed off. 

And we have a Clean Bowl Guarantee, yes, for all first time customers. We will provide a full refund to those who do not like the taste, and in 6 years of business, it's occurred twice. 

We have an unbelievable 90% reorder rate from our first time customers.  We offer various discounts because we understand the weight of this current economy and want raw pet food to be affordable to everyone. Feeding some raw is always better than none.

Military and Veterans, Police, AKC breeders and registered rescues, email us for your coupon code. All orders over $249 ship for free. Subscribe and save for 8% off on every order :)

And lastly, we value each and every dog we serve like our own.  Feed them like family, because they are.