What is Raw?

Go Raw Pet Food is a scientifically balanced diet of uncooked meat, bones, organs, produce, superfoods, and a few added human grade supplements. Our complete and balanced raw dog food formulas are audited and lab tested for consistency.

Feeding raw is what nature intended.

Our domestic dogs are 99% wolf in genetic makeup, and are uniquely designed to eat and thrive on raw meat, bones, and a daily sources of fiber. Sadly, our dogs are not biologically designed to eat cooked kibble made of 40%-70% grains and carbs. Excess sugars in a diet lead to excess weight, inflammation, and disease.

Pet owners internationally have successfully switched and trusted a balanced raw diet for the last 30+ years. Feeding raw is not a new fad.

Raw is truly preventative medicine. It restores your pet's health by maximizing its microbiome, transforming your pet's health from the inside out. 

We’ve made feeding raw is surprisingly simple. Feed 2-3% of a dog's ideal body weight daily depending on age and activity level. An estimate of $3 a day for a 15lb dog, or $6 a day for a 40lb dog. Go Raw can be exclusively fed, or in rotation with other nutritionally complete choices. Yes, you can feed raw once a day, or twice if you like.

Go Raw is

100% uncooked meat, bones, organs, and produce. No HPP or extra unnatural processing measures taken.

Professionally formulated

Audited by a Canine Nutritionist. Made by hands and lab tested for consistency.

Convenient thawing

Frozen chubs take 2-5 hours to thaw at room temperature. It's good to feed for 3-4 days from the fridge.

Always fresh

Made in small batches, arriving within weeks of when it was chopped, mixed and bagged.

What we've learned along the way

Food is medicine. Feed real food. Feed balance and variety.

Eating processed foods may keep us alive each day, just as kibble can for your pet. And a clean whole foods diet can radically change your life, just as a raw diet can change your pet's.

We believe caring for your pet’s health on the front end builds their immune system to prevent inflammatory allergies, degenerative diseases and even cancer. Nature knows best and feeding raw changes lives.

You may pay more each month to feed your pet, but honestly, sick doggies cost a whole lot more. If your pet has existing special dietary needs, please consult with your veterinarian as specific added nutrients could be needed. If you have any questions about specific nutrients, please contact us, we're happy to help. 

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