Big Boneless (Beef & Pork) Raw Dog Food

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Clean Bowl Guarantee for your first order. If Go Raw does not work for your pup(s), contact us within 7 days of delivery and we will be happy to troubleshoot with you and or provide a refund. 

**New superfood formulas are here, see updated ingredients below. Big Boneless Raw is sold in 5lb chubs, $6.29 a pound. Feeding Boneless Raw will save you a lot of money because it is uniquely formulated to be fed with raw chicken quarters ($.59/lb at your grocery store). What we recommend is to feed a ratio of a 1/2 portion of boneless raw and 1/2 portion of raw chicken quarters everyday. See example below. Adding raw chicken quarters, with its bone content of calcium and phosphorus, to the Boneless Raw  achieves a complete and balanced raw diet.

A raw example: If a 75lb dog needs 2lbs of raw a day, feed 1lb boneless raw and 1lb raw chicken quarters ($6.29 + $.59) for only $6.88 total a day. So, if you were to feed this same 75lb dog regular beef and pork raw, 2lbs, it would be $12.58 a day. The “Boneless Raw routine” is win-win for you and your doggie.

Use our feeding calculator below to determine daily amounts.

Are you new to raw? Choose a formula based on the proteins your dog currently eats in their kibble or wet food. Our Beef & Pork Raw is a favorite. Remember to transition slowly over a few days time. Thaw the frozen chubs inside a container, and keep cold. We don't recommend microwaving or cooking the frozen raw because this can change the balance of nutrients. Please clean up thoroughly as you would when handling any raw meat. After thawing, the raw is safe to feed for 3-4 days when kept in the fridge.